SoftArcs.WPFSmartLibrary.MVVMCommands Namespace

.NET Framework 3.5

Provides various classes which implements the ICommand interface for using in MVVM scenarios.


  Class Description
Public-Class-Icon ActionCommand This class is similar to the "ActionCommand"-class from the 'Microsoft.Expression.Interactivity.Core'-namespace which is included in the 'Microsoft.Expression.Interactions.dll' shipped with the Microsoft Blend 4 SDK (so you do not need to install the SDK to use this command).
Public-Class-Icon CommandReference This class facilitates associating a key binding in XAML markup to a command defined in a View Model by exposing a Command dependency property. The class derives from Freezable to work around a limitation in WPF when data-binding from XAML. Or as Microsoft say : "CommandReference provides a layer of indirection for commands. It's useful when you want to bind a command to a Command property that exists on an object that is not a DependencyObject." In Visual Studio 2012 a similar class is implemented in the 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls.WPF.Commands' namespace (Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls.dll).

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